Keanu Reeves Pulls No Punches In 'John Wick' Set Visit: Watch

MTV News gets exclusive access to the set of Reeves' upcoming action film.

Keanu Reeves looks bruised and battered in a ripped white T-shirt with a large cut on his left side. But that's just how he likes it.

"Are you kidding me, man, this is great!" he says. "John Wick's been cut, he's been bloodied. It's good."

Reeves has a big few months ahead, with two movies coming out: the epic "47 Ronin" and the action-thriller "John Wick." MTV News' own Josh Horowitz caught up with the action star and others on an exclusive "John Wick" set visit.

John Wick, a former assassin who is hunted down by another contractor, seeks revenge after they kill people closest to him (including his dog!). The movie allows Reeves to pull out his old bag of tricks, getting plenty of his enemies killed in the process.

"About 95 people are killed. Literally," said producer Basil Iwanyk. "We were trying to justify how many people it's ok to kill after a dog is killed and a home is invaded and we got to 95."

"You can only push a man so far," Reeves said.

Iwanyk said Reeves, who famous for doing his own stunts, impressed the set crew with his moves. "He is doing everything," Iwanyk explained. "He's doing all the flips and turns, the machine guns, the guns, the jumping off of buildings, the driving. It's all him."

Reeves' co-star in the film is Adrianne Palicki, who, like Iwanyk, was amazed at the punishment Reeves takes. "He's like a masochist. Totally. He loves it," she said. "I know if I kick him in the balls that he's just enjoying it."

Palicki got the part because Iwanyk and others realized that the movie was a little male-centric. "We kind of realized our only female character dies on page three," he says, "so why don't we have this character Mr. Perkins be Ms. Perkins?" The idea caught on, and Palicki became Reeves' chief nemesis in the film, getting some memorable fight scenes with the star.

But Iwanyk wants to make sure everyone knows that Palicki is an even match with Reeves, telling us that "We literally don't pull any punches because it's a guy fighting a chick. It's pretty hardcore."

And Palicki, who says she fell in love with Reeves after his star-making stoner turn in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," gets to fulfill every girl's dream: "I get to kick Neo's ass."

"Wick" isn't the only big film for Reeves coming out, as "47 Ronin," an epic story based on true events about samurai who avenge their fallen leader, gets its worldwide release Christmas Day. Reeves is clearly very proud of the film.

"It had a nice reception," says the star. "It's an adaptation of an historical story that has a lot of cultural import. For the most part we were embraced."

Of course, we couldn't talk to one of the world's premiere action stars without asking him for a few tips. Reeves shows us the old Roundhouse Right, which, we have to say, Josh sells pretty well.

"I just took out Keanu Reeves," Josh said, brimming with confidence. "Bucket list, check."

We doubt too many of Reeves' movie antagonists will be able to do the same.

Be on the lookout for "John Wick," which hits theaters in 2014, and check out "47 Ronin," which is out December 25.

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