43 Examples of Self-Sacrifice on Film Should Give You a Good Cry

Self-sacrifice in film has forever been the trait of a character's stoicism, selflessness, and passion for the greater good. From "300" to "The Dark Knight Rises," watching a character give his (or her!) life for another is almost always a mark of bittersweet courage on the big screen, a plot twist that often leaves a lump in your throat.

Somebody out there in YouTubeland has made a mashup, serving up 43 moments of heroic sacrifice on screen, a video that reminds you when you fell in love with Jack in "Titanic" and why "The Iron Giant," of all things, left you teary-eyed. Personally, that modern classics is the one, in over three minutes of tear-stained benevolence, that always gets us choked up. But, believe us, if you haven't seen "The Iron Giant," get on it. Just don't get too attached the the robot, or at least bring a Kleenex or two. Or ten.