Jessica Chastain Looks a Lot Like Lena Dunham In This Lost 'Zero Dark Thirty' Audition

Jessica Chastain sure pulled out the big guns in her riveting performance in last year's Oscar-nominated thriller, "Zero Dark Thirty." As tough-as-nails CIA agent Maya, on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, this terrorist-hunting genius stops at nothing to smoke America's most hated terrorist out of his hole, and a damn good job she does.

The ubiquitous redhead has made the movie industry her own in the same way Lena Dunham has dominated the small screen with "Girls." But what would happen if the two switched places? It would probably look a lot like this great spoof video on Clipnation, in which Dunham (portrayed by comedian Chelsea Davison) auditions for "Zero Dark Thirty" with the same aplomb and charming neuroses that make her Hannah Horvath a beloved (albeit, polarizing) figure.

One suggestion to Lena if she wants to play a CIA agent, though: maybe lose the cardigan?