Batman’s Got A New Suit (And A New Toy) In Explosive 'Justice League' Teaser

Don’t worry: There aren’t any nipples

This weekend, the first official Justice League trailer drops, which means DC and Warner Bros. are going to milk this marketing moment for all it's worth. Ahead of the anticipated premiere on Saturday, we're getting five teaser trailers — one for each member of the Justice League (unless they choose to finally acknowledge that Superman is in this movie to bring the total to six) — and five character-focused posters.

The studio kicked things off with Jason Momoa's Aquaman, but now a new teaser has been released — this one starring Ben Affleck's Batman and his new Batmobile. First, we need to talk about how Batman really loves to brood while perched on ominous statues. Does he have a fetish or something? (I mean, probably.)

This is also our first real look at Batman's new Tactical Batsuit, which looks a hell of a lot more practical than the Mech Batsuit that the Caped Crusader designed to fight the Man of Steel in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. (He's also rocking a new regular Batsuit, complete with a chrome Bat emblem.) According to reports, the new and improved Batsuit was created so that the Bat could "step up his game" in combat situations with superpowered adversaries, like the immortal Steppenwolf. And those cool new built-in goggles? They're worn to pilot the Night Crawler, a brand-new Bat-vehicle that you can peep in the teaser clip.

The studio also released a Flash teaser, featuring Ezra Miller's Fastest Man Alive and his super-cool new suit. He is really feeling himself. Namaste, Barry Allen.

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017.