5 Simple Rules The 'Exes' Might Want To Follow

Dealing with an ex can be a complicated and even downright nasty experience. The two of you know everything about each other, including how to push the (in)appropriate buttons, which can make salvaging any type of friendship a losing battle. Unfortch for the "Battle of the Exes" teammates, they no longer have the luxury of burning the bridge and walking away, because they've been paired up with their former lovahs.

They do, however, have a chance to split a tempting 150K if they learn how to cooperate. So if these kaput couples plan on surviving until the end, they're going to need to learn some self-control. To help, we came up with five simple rules to follow:

1. Keep The Past In The Past: You know the quickest way to piss your partner off? Bring up every annoying thing they did while you were dating. Let the other teams cause the drama, people, and steer clear of this subject.

2. Ditch Any Current BFs/GFs: Speaking of drams, the bed-hopping between this group always stirs up trouble back home. With all the unresolved feelings and urges brewing, it's best to save yourself the tearful, post-cheating phone call and just get the breakup done ahead of time. No phones in the house? Have one of the producers send an email so you can get on with the game. Brutal, but effective.

3. Only Have Eyes For Your Partner: If you're going to indulge in under-the-sheets action, try to keep it exclusive. Opening up new relationships is only going to welcome jealousy, catfights and probably a few broken mirrors (looking at you, Jasmine).

4. Ladies, Don't Let CT Charm You: This Paris alum is a major player with both the chicks and the Challenges. CT will do whatever it takes to get ahead and secure a win, especially if it requires wooing a female with his baby blues. Beware!

5. Talk It Out: While it's boring for viewers, it's best to solve your arguments with civil conversation; not by chucking things, chugging drinks and cursing wildly. Or so we're told.

+ It all seems pretty easy, but once the cast finds themselves face-to-face with their former flings, who knows what will happen. Do you have any surviving-your-ex tips? If so, sound off in the comments.

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Photo: Rene Cervantes

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