Bow Wow, Method Man And Nelly Share A Leading Lady

Actress Meagan Good co-stars with rappers in three different films.

Watch out, Ciara -- Meagan Good is putting the moves on your man ... onscreen, that is.

The 24-year-old actress, who broke out in 2004's "You Got Served" and played the sultry squad captain in this year's teen femme action flick "D.E.B.S.," is playing rapper/actor Bow Wow's love interest in the '70s-inspired skate flick "Roll Bounce," in theaters September 23.

Nick Cannon, Mike Epps ("The Honeymooners") and Wesley Jonathan ("What I Like About You") also star in the coming-of-age comedy, and Good says the retro role was like stepping into a time warp -- though not the '70s kind.

"I go back to playing 16 again, so that was cool," the actress told MTV News.

Good will star alongside another MC -- the somewhat more seasoned Method Man -- in the horror flick "Venom."

The film, set in the Louisiana Bayou, tracks a man who becomes possessed by the evil souls of people killed by a voodoo priestess. It is helmed by Jim Gillespie ("I Know What You Did Last Summer") and produced by Kevin Williamson, the writer responsible for late '90s gore fests "Scream" and "Scream 2." It is also slated to hit theaters in September.

"My grandmother [in the movie] is like a voodoo doctor and she kind of protects the town even though the town thinks she's crazy," Good explained. "She keeps these snakes in this box, and they basically are used for ceremonial reasons where they milk evil spirits out of people.

"She's had these snakes for years and they've milked millions, and the snakes get loose and kill this man, so now he has the evil of countless people inside of him for over years and years," Good continued. "So then he starts killing the neighborhood."

Good will also star in the fast-paced low-rider flick "Crenshaw Blvd.," starring Larenz Tate ("Crash"), Wilmer Valderrama ("That '70s Show"), and MC/actor Nelly. The film, written and directed by newcomer Imani Shakur, tracks a young car customizer who is carrying two strikes against him when he is framed for a third offense and faces the possibility of life behind bars.

Good, who earned an NAACP Award for her starring role in 1997's "Eve's Bayou" with Samuel L. Jackson, says she is attracted to roles that test her strength as an actress.

"[I choose roles] that I haven't played, that I would like to play and that I think that I could play the crap out of," she said. "Mostly, I just want to make movies that make a difference to people, that kind of mold and shape the way they think about something, as I remember movies did for me when I was 10, 11 or 12 years old. It kind of molded the way that I thought about something and kind of set it for the rest of my life."

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