Get Ready, America: 'Sharknado,' The Game, Is Coming

Now you can slash sharks too!

Ever since the first "Sharknado" movie, we've all had a hankering to ride around in a cyclone, revving chainsaws and attacking sharks. Everyone's dreamt of it. Not just me -- right, guys? Right?

Regardless, that dream will soon become reality when the "Sharknado" app is released on the same day the anticipated "Sharknado 2" premieres on Syfy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, fans will get to race around New York City, "bouncing off the backs of tiger sharks" come July 30.

Produced by Majesco Entertainment, the game will be available on iPad, iPod and iPhone. Syfy wants to release the game for free, with in-app purchasing available if users want different ways to kill sharks.

"It’s instantly accessible to anyone young or old," Syfy VP Jeff Li to THR. "I don’t care what your cultural background is, you don’t even have to follow the story. You don’t have to read the book. It’s Sharknado and you’re both excited and terrified."

Terrified? No. Excited, yes. Fear will get you nowhere in the Sharknado.

Majesco Entertainment via The Hollywood Reporter