Katy Perry's Latest Instagram Might Have Inspired Her New Look

Katy's trolling herself now. Nice.

Practically everyone is in New York right now, paying pilgrimage to Fashion Week because ~style~ and that includes Katy Perry, who showed up with an all-new look for the red carpet at Harper's Bazaar's Icons Event with designer Jean-Paul Goude on Wednesday (Sept. 16).

Weirdly enough, though, Katy might have been dropping a snarky hint at her forthcoming new 'do -- and kinda throwing shade on herself, too -- on Instagram yesterday.

Katy posted a super weird animated pic of a skeletal figure with red hair and a beauty mask on her 'Gram yesterday as a primer for her NYFW appearance, captioning it, "Get the paints out ? #nyfw."

Considering the fact that the face there (the one with actual eyebrows and lips, we mean) looks almost EXACTLY like her and the hair tone is slightly similar as well, we think she totally might have been giving us a slightly-cruel-to-self heads up about what she was bringing to the Big Apple.

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It's kind of a bizarre way to celebrate the occasion, but that's Katy's way -- just like when she flipped off her own album and then made everyone think she wanted to run for President in 2020. She's kooky like that, and it's kind of the best.

Speaking of which, here's a longer look at her leggy green gear for the event.

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With Katy, skin is always in, and we love that she contrasted her new ruby locks with some deep emerald action on the dress. Classic.