That Crazy Crossover Between 'Jump Street' And 'Men In Black?' The Directors Tell Us It Could Happen

"We only do things that seem like they're going to be terrible."

With reporting by Josh Horowitz.

Could Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum really be joining the M.I.B.? It turns out those leaked Sony emails weren't so far-fetched.

Speaking to MTV News on the Golden Globes red carpet, "Jump Street" co-director Phil Lord said the idea to merge the successful comedy franchise with Sony's "Men in Black" franchise is still very much on the table.

"Nothing's changed," he said. "It's still a crazy idea, and we only do things that seem like they're going to be terrible."

Remember: this is an idea that Hill called "clean and rad and powerful" in a leaked email.

"We're really focussing on what's a great story for Schmidt and Jenko and how to tell the next chapter in their lives," he added. "And perhaps use creatures from another world at the same time."

Did anyone else just imagine Hill and Tatum facing off against aliens? As for bringing on Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), Lord said that's still being discussed.

"We're developing a lot of things, you know," said co-director Chris Miller. "And they may or may not all happen, but that's how the business works."

If the proposed crossover does happen, let's just hope Frank the Pug is available for a cameo.

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