This Fake 'Batman V Superman' Trailer Is Better Than The Real Thing

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Is this "leaked" trailer for "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" the real thing? Absolutely not. Does that make it any less awesome? Nope.

Fans, of course, are dying for their first look at the joining of the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel on screen since it was announced at last year's San Diego Comic-Con. With this year's really big show fast approaching, rumors have been swirling that we'll once again get a look at the grudge match that's also sort of a team-up.

So with a "description" of the trailer tease surfacing last week, describing the exact same clip you see above, one could be forgiven from thinking this is the real deal, an advance preview of the surprise Warner Bros. may bring to Hall H during their Comic-Con panel.

Adding to the authenticity of the clip, it's filmed in blurry cell phone footage on an angle, the preferred medium of footage-leakers everywhere. Except, sorry folks, it's not real.

Our reasoning? First of all, there's the fact that Legendary Pictures is no longer involved with Warner Bros., so having them show up in the credits would be a wee bit weird. Beyond that? It's not Ben Affleck in the bat suit. Yes, seeding the idea that Batman was around and watching during the events of "Man Of Steel" is a very cool idea, and a neat teaser, but the suit has a longer nose and bigger ears than the revealed Batsuit in "Dawn Of Justice."

Also, we're pretty sure that's Christian Bale.

Oh, and if it was real, Warner Bros. would have obliterated that YouTube link off the face of the Earth three minutes after it was posted.

Anyway, even though the trailer isn't real, you will get to see something from the movie soon. Cinematographer Larry Fong tweeted the following photo:

That's Clay Enos, who has taken the previous publicity shots of Batfleck and Supercavill. Is he snapping pics of Wonder Woman? Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman together at last? A unicorn???

All we know is that there's a good chance someone will leak a fake version of the Enos picture, and soon.

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