Lil Wayne Leaves 50 Cent Hanging: 'Mixtape Monday'

Plus: Capone-N-Noreaga tune in to 'Channel 10'; Raekwon is 'back on my grizzly.'

Artist: Capone-N-Noreaga

Representing: LeFrak and Queensbridge

Independent Album: Channel 10

411: No more saloons for Capone and Noreaga — the veteran rap duo spend their free time in NYC at the Fruits of Life juice bar. That's right, a juice bar. Nore is down 100 pounds from last summer, and he credits a bulk of his success to drinking healthy concoctions from the Harlem establishment.

"Harlem probably has the most history of our five boroughs," N.O.R.E. said. "If you trying to have fun and be healthy, Harlem has them all beat.

"Everybody is here for health reasons," Nore added about the juice bar, surrounded by friends such as the LOX's Styles P, who also frequents the spot. "There's nothing that's gonna make you gain weight in this spot. It's important for us obese black people that live in the 'hood to get out the 'hood to get ourselves together. At least if you take two hours out your day, you can come and get juiced up."

"You can get juiced up and eat something vegetarian here," 'Pone added. "They have the best supplements to get your body right."

Capone and Nore release their fourth LP, Channel 10, on Tuesday. The title was inspired by their cable dial: Channel 10 is CNN on Time Warner Cable in Queens.

"We got the War Report name from 'The World Report' on CNN," Nore explained of their classic debut. "But at the time, LeFrak [projects] and Queensbridge [projects] was at war. ... So we said, We'll name it The War Report."

"At that time, we was basically reporting the war," Capone said. "America was at war too. Desert Storm was then too. We had the Army fatigues and all that. We reported our war."

Joints To Check For

» "Rotate." " 'Rotate' was the last record added on to the album because of the fact that it was leaked," Nore explained. "We was like, 'Instead of letting the record die' — because if I have a solo song out or 'Pone has a solo song out and the focus is C-N-N, the song will die — 'let's leave it for the C-N-N album.'

"Beyond performing it, we went to [clubs like] Susie Wong's, we went to Promenade, and they threw [the song] on," N.O. added. "People didn't know we was in the building, and they was going crazy. I was like, 'Damn.' It's very important for me to have a hit in my hometown. I've done hits in Puerto Rico, hits in Miami, I've done hits everywhere else, but it's important for C-N-N, for Nore, to have a hit in New York."

» "Wobble Wobble" (featuring Mobb Deep). "The title sometimes throws people off," Capone said. "But once they press play on their CD, they're gone. It's not no shaky joint. We're not wobbling; it's hard. We got Prodigy at his best, Havoc at his best. And we got Hav on production. Mobb Deep are real workers. Hav may have 150 beats in the archive. You just go and say, 'I need that, I need this.' ... Just like when I was locked up and Nore would do songs with people and have one of my unreleased verses, Hav had a verse P didn't use yet."

"It's the first time C-N-N ever did a record with just C-N-N and Mobb Deep," Nore added. "It's always been Tragedy on the record or Rapper Noyd or Final Chapter. I just thought it was time we did the record with just us four."

» "Talk to Me Big Time." "Nore came up with that concept," Capone said. "What's dope about it, is when you hollering at your dude and he's saying something good, you say, 'Talk to me.' And your guy says, 'Big time!' "

"I love to incorporate any type of slang in our music," Nore said. "For the record, I hate the phrase 'What it do?' No disrespect to whoever made it. But if you really think about it, you're like, 'What does it mean?' That never stuck with me. But if you hear somebody saying something good, you're like, 'Talk to me.' That's what my peoples in New York say."

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

» Capone-N-Noreaga - The CNN Channel 10 Mixtape

» DJ P-Cutta - Street Wars 22

» DJ Testarosa, Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne - We Run the Streets

» DJ Woogie and Tha Kid Shadow - Streets on Beats 23

» Plies - Diary of a Realist (hosted by DJ Rell)

» Rick Ross - Da Boss Vol. 2 (hosted by Bigga Rankin)

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar

» D-Block (featuring S.I.) - "Get That Paper"

» Fat Joe - "Hey Joe"

» Flo Rida - "Available"

» Gorilla Zoe (featuring Diddy) - "Echo" remix

» Keri Hilson (featuring Keyshia Cole and Trina) - "Get Your Money Up"

» Raekwon - "Letter to Big"

» Slim Thug (featuring Paul Wall) - "Top Drop"

» Trey Songz - "I Need a Girl"

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Well Mr. Jackson, you are no closer to having your Lil Wayne question answered. 50 Cent wants to know whether [article id="1604640"]the leaked Wayne song "Lousianimal"[/article] was something relatively current or old. 50 has even threatened Wayne on wax. Weezy has obviously chosen to take the high road and ignore anything that is not going to make him money. Rap feuding is not on his agenda. We asked Wayne for some clarity ourselves over the weekend during mtvU Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida, and he had jokes.

"You said it never rains in Southern California? Wow. That's why I didn't see people with umbrellas," Wayne answered after we asked him for a response to 50.

Weezy then turned to Young Money artist Jae Millz with a grin.

"Me neither," Millz added.

"No rain jackets or boots," Wayne continued. "Wow. That's crazy. Young Moooolaaah, baaaby!"

Bizarre? Yes. That's Wayne — love him or leave him alone.

Wayne is about to go back on the road for his [article id="1600172"]I Am Music Tour[/article] with T-Pain, Keri Hilson, Gym Class Heroes and Gorilla Zoe. Wayne jumped on Zoe's single "Lost" months ago, but Weezy was inexplicably absent from the video. Zoe added a new verse to replace Wayne on the song in the clip.

"That was out of my hands," Zoe explained to us recently in NYC. "He did it. Wayne is my brother. It's love. But that's some label stuff. I don't have nothing to do with that. [Wayne,] that's my family though." ...

Maybe this time will work out for Raekwon. He has a legion of fans and MCs pulling for him. They want that [article id="1604014"]Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II[/article] LP. Recently, Rae dropped a musical sequel to his classic "Criminology," as well as a cut featuring him, Ghostface Killah and Method Man called "The New Wu."

"You know what we do. This ain't nothing new, nothing fabricated," the Chef told us in Scottsdale, Arizona. "I'm back on my grizzly. I've been in the studio for a long time, and I know a lot of people ain't think this was gonna happen. But it's happening. Right now I'm at my best. That right there was just the wakeup call to let people know, 'Y'all want that, right?' I just wanted to throw something out there to calm the masses down.

"What we're doing is re-creating the formula from the early '90s and putting a new twist on it," Rae added. "That was just to start a little fire. I'm about to burn this mutha----a down for real."

Rae said he's still securing a deal for the opus that was produced primarily by Dr. Dre and the RZA, but he's not just going to take any old deal. As of now, he's hoping to drop it in the summer.

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