Meet 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Star 'Paul The Illustrated Seal'

“I'm a freak. And I'm an actor. And I'm a freak actor, playing a freak. And it's awesome.”

Most of the so-called "Freaks" from "American Horror Story: Freak Show" will be covered in make-up and prosthetics to achieve their two-headed or three-breasted look, but not Mat Fraser -- because the actor behind "Paul the Illustrated Seal" was born with phocomelia, which is the cause of the malformed limbs that lend to the "seal" look.

"Freak means a radically different person onstage, entertaining with their radical difference," Fraser says in this behind-the-scenes video, which "AHS" creator Ryan Murphy shared on Twitter with the hashtag, #WeAreAllFreaks. "I cannot help but exploit my physique when I'm performing. I think what's interesting about me is my personality."

The rest of the video, which includes footage from the new season and more interviews with Fraser, is both fascinating and inspiring, which is pretty amazing coming from a show that famously featured Ian McShane dressing up like Santa Claus and murdering people.

"For me, when you're disabled, the two things people think you can't do are fight and have sex," Fraser continues. "So I've got a black belt, and I'm really good at shagging."

Check out the video below: