Ryan Reynolds Talks About 'Green Lantern' Costume Controversy

'There has to be a little healthy debate about it. That's important,' star says of the outcry over his character's redesigned suit.

SAN DIEGO -- During the Warner Bros. panel at San Diego

Comic-Con on Saturday (July 24), fans got the first glimpses of

footage from "Green Lantern." But there was one big aspect of the film

missing: the title character's suit. It wasn't a complete mystery,

though, as it had already been [article id="1643721"]revealed on the cover of Entertainment

Weekly[/article] as part of the magazine's Comic-Con sneak preview

-- and its look has already sparked some unrest among fans.

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the dual role of Hal Jordan and the flick's

title character, spoke with MTV News about the controversy -- and

he said that he's glad not everyone is satisfied. "There has to be a

little healthy debate about it. That's important," he said. "If it

were just slanted one way or the other, I don't think it would be that


The suit was created solely using CGI, and it has lines along it that

are supposed to recreate the musculature possessed by Jordan. It does

not have the white gloves that were a part of the Green Lantern's

outfit in comics and cartoons.

"Truthfully, we've only seen a tiny glimpse of the suit," Reynolds

noted. "We haven't seen it in motion, and we haven't seen the full

suit as well."

He also was a fan of ditching the gloves. "The white gloves aren't

there, and I think that's fine because, specifically, they're lame,"

he said. "But everything else is going to be there. I think the

fanboys and the people that are new to the character are going to love


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