Will The Lavender Ladies Control The Rest Of 'Final Reckoning'?

It’s not Bananas or CT who are running Season 32 but Ashley, Amanda and their pals

On Season 32 of The Challenge, it’s not the crimson of spilled blood or slick, dark eye-black that’s defining the game. It’s a lovely shade of lavender.

Yup, on the latest episode of Final Reckoning, a group known as the Lavender Ladies — so called for the color of a bedroom they previous shared — continued their unlikely stronghold over the game. With heavy-hitters from other alliances like Jenna/Jemmye, CT/Veronica and Derrick/Tori successfully out of the game, the likes of Sylvia, Amanda and their teammates found themselves with an advantageous voting power on their side.

All the while, veteran players like Johnny Bananas/Tony and Brad/Kyle found themselves with their backs against the wall, at least as far as Armageddon voting was concerned.


“The Lavender Ladies consists of myself, Ashley, Amanda, Shane and sometimes Marie — having girlfriends to talk sh*t about other people with is awesome,” Sylvia said. “Here we are now, ruling the game.”

And Sylvia wasn’t wrong. Since the beginning of the season, Amanda and her teammate Zach had won three of seven missions, while Ashley and Hunter successfully pulled out the most recent victory in “Dunking for Dinner.”

Still, the Lavender Ladies proved they’re hardly a fine-tuned machine. After Marie’s partner Cara heard the Lavender Ladies gossiping about her, she stepped in, eliciting venomous backlash from the likes of Ashley, Sylvia and Amanda. And though Marie seemed to have been a member of the cliquey LL, she stood up for her partner and told her fellow alliance members to step off.

“The Lavender Ladies are pretty unreasonable,” Marie said. “They’re crazy. I know this because I’m their friends and I’m crazy too…I get where Cara comes from and, at this point, I only have one person’s back in this house, and it’s Cara’s.”


And Cara was grateful for the unlikely assistance, though she was sad it had opened Marie’s eyes to an unfortunate truth.

“You know Marie thought she was friends with them at one point, but I think Marie’s starting to see where she stands with them, and that’s the bottom of the totem pole,” Cara said.

Either way, Bananas predicted that the fight would be enough to split them up for good.

“This whole Lavender Lady group, they have somehow managed to stay pretty together, and there hasn’t been a lot of infighting going on,” he said. “However, today there’s no surprise now that there’s hysteria brewing in the house. I love this chaos. I hope it continues, and I hope this alliance crumbles.”

But will it? Will the Lavender Ladies continue to run the game, and are the likes of Johnny and Brad in trouble? Or will the pendulum swing back in the other direction, and are Amanda & Co. screwed? Share your thoughts, and see how the next Final Reckoning round plays out Tuesday night!

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