DJ Khaled’s ‘Nas Album Done’ Was Not A Drill

Nas explains what's on deck

Good news: Nas and DJ Khaled weren’t just trolling us with “Nas Album Done,” the standout collab from Khaled’s Major Key album. Teasing us, sure. But not trolling.

It turns out Nas’s next album is, in fact, finished: “All we're doing now is plotting when we’re dropping,” he told Complex, adding that he has a title and timetable, but wasn’t going to let us in on those quite yet.

As for how the hype-building song itself came about — that was largely the work of the album’s architect, DJ Khaled, despite the fact that it plays like a solo Esco track.

“Khaled hit me up and said that he wanted to do this and we had planned some studio days to sit down and we cleared some studio days just to go over records,” Nas added. “He knew exactly what he wanted. He had a couple of ideas, but the one we put out, that was the one he really wanted.”

And clearing the “Fu-Gee-La” sample sounded like a simple process.

“I texted Ms. Lauryn Hill to ask her if she was cool, she said she was cool. She signed off on it, she gave me the approval. I don’t have the rest of the Fugees’s phone numbers, so I hit Salaam Remi who worked with the Fugees and he signed off on it. I just wanted to get her blessing and we were good.”

In addition to dishing on his new music, Nasty also extensively discussed his role in The Get Down, the upcoming Netflix series which he executive produced and wrote rhymes for. The series premieres August 12, and it sounds like his next solo album won’t be far behind.

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