Should Nina Have Chosen Her Husband -- Or Her 'Catfish'?

Her online beau promised a life of love, but she vowed to finally make her marriage work

A woman had to make the choice of a lifetime on this week’s Catfish: Should she stay in an unhappy marriage or start anew with her online love who wasn’t quite what she expected?

The gal with the dilemma -- Nina, an adult webcam model -- had actually married her husband Mike twice; they broke up after Wedding #1 but eventually reconnected and walked down the aisle a second time (plus had two kids along the way). During their hiatus, however, Nina had fallen in love with Jon, one of her webcam viewers who supposedly had a Lamborghini and private plane and -- more importantly -- gave Nina the attention she didn’t receive from Mike.

“[Jon] wanted to see me laugh; he wanted to see me happy,” she told Nev and Max. “I feel important in Jon’s world. The ‘I love you’s’ and ‘I miss you’s,’ I get from Jon. I don’t hear that from Mike.”

But, of course, Jon was catfishy -- he’d never met Nina in person and flaked on several in-person meetings. In fact, when Nina decided to divorce Mike and fled to a hotel where she planned to meet Jon and run away with him, the catfish didn’t show, sending Nina right back to her hubby-in-waiting. Regardless, Jon still had Nina hook, line and sinker; she told Nev and Max that she was on board to meet him and possibly make a life together. “I want to see what should have been, what could have been, what could be,” she said.

So who was Jon? Turns out, he was really Miles, a longtime webcam viewer Nina had actually met in person years ago. And during their face-to-face with Nev and Max in tow, he explained the reason for his ruse.


“I was afraid,” he said simply, noting that he was 100 pounds heavier when he first met Nina. “But I care about you. I think I could provide everything I’ve ever said I would. I want to do those things we talked about -- get a house, move in, a trip to Greece. I want you in my life.”

For her part, Nina seemed to be on the fence. “This definitely shows me that there’s more to him than I anticipated,” she said after the meeting. And she got all ominous when she FaceTimed her husband. “There’s something I have to tell you,” she began. “I thought I knew what I wanted, but I don’t. Something needs to change, and I have to make a decision.”


That decision, however, was to stick with Mike. Surprised? We were too, especially after -- during a sit-down with Miles, Nev and Max -- she admitted she had remarried Mike not for love but “to get custody back of the children.” Still, she vowed, “I’m going to go home and give Mike 100% my effort.” Turning to Miles, she continued: “I’m going to remove you from social media, and I don’t want to have contact with you, and I think that’s best for everybody.”

But is it best for everybody? At the two-month check-in, Nina and Mike said they’d made marital improvements and “things [were] a lot better,” but after all their issues -- and Nina’s previous willingness to walk away from her marriage -- will their union really last? Or should Nina have started fresh with Miles, who seemed to honestly love her and was willing to do anything to make her happy? Tell us what you think, then catch more Catfish next Wednesday beginning at 9/8c.

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