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Take A Look Back At The Frogs Lauren Conrad Kissed Before Finding Her Prince [Video]


On Sunday, Lauren Conrad took to her website to joyfully announce that boyfriend William Tell had popped the question. An expert on all things beautiful and crafty, Lauren is destined for a dream wedding, and we couldn't be happier for her. But, lest you forget, LC's road to romantic bliss hasn't been all roses.

Since her teenage days on "Laguna Beach," the quest to find the perfect guy had always thrown Lauren for more than a few loops. Escaping the friend zone with Stephen Colletti proved impossible, dating Jason Wahler cost her tube upon tube of waterproof mascara and Brody Jenner wasn't exactly ready to settle down. Still, Lauren might never have met the guy she's with -- or have become the person she is today -- were it not for her past relationships. Take a look back at LC's dating history, and wish her congrats again on her engagement!

Stephen Colletti: With a little batting of her lashes, Lauren could have gotten any Laguna Beach High guy she wanted -- except for one. Stephen was into Lauren, but was more into her rival, Kristin.

Jason Wahler: No one could have predicted that Lauren would fall for the charms of Laguna's most notorious bad boy, but she and Jason seemed to fit together perfectly -- at first. She forgave Jason once for cheating on her with his ex, Jessica, but ultimately, his own jealousy was too much for Lauren to take, and it led to the couple's undoing.

Brody Jenner: Well into her Los Angeles stride, Lauren fell hard for the charming socialite, who made her feel like a million bucks. Unfortunately, Brody had more little black book entries than Lauren could count, and eventually, she gave up on trying to tie the playboy down. The show's alternate ending gave viewers hope that the smiley couple could have lasted, but they just weren't meant to be.

Doug Reinhardt: Lauren and Doug dated for a bit in high school and tried to reconnect their flame years later while they were both single in SoCal. Sadly, the spark just wasn't there the second time around -- plus, when Lauren heard that Doug was also trying to date Stephanie Pratt, she shut down the possibility of ever starting things up again.


Kyle Howard: For three years, Lauren and the "My Boys" actor seemed completely in love (there was even talk that they'd eventually tie the knot), but the seemingly perfect couple shocked the world when they split in 2011. Later, we got word that Kyle was too invested in his career to settle down.


William Tell: Since spring of last year, Lauren and the man she plans to marry, William Tell, have been going strong. Having dated a long line of folks in the entertainment world before meeting her fiancé, Lauren may have found just what she needs in Tell, who's a law school student. Here's to low-stress wedding prep!

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