Jonah Hill Has 'Love' For Tyler, The Creator

Catch the 'beatsmith'-turned-actor talking hip-hop and more tonight on 'MTV First: The Sitter' at 7:56 p.m. ET on MTV and!

We've known Jonah Hill for years now. We first chatted with the guy back in 2005, when he was a little-known actor about to take on his first starring [article id="1538615"]role in "Accepted."[/article]

But not until we sat down with Hill for a live stream event called "MTV First: The Sitter" -- we're just hours away from the premiere on MTV and at 7:56 p.m. ET -- did we learn that before he made it to the big screen, the actor was exploring a different artistic path -- one that owed more to '90s hip-hop acts than to comedians of that era.

"I made beats," Hill told us with a smile. "I was a beatsmith."

Hip-hop wasn't exactly going to be a career for the "Sitter" star but he was a huge fan of Gang Starr, Nas and Jay-Z, and his love for the genre remains. Now that Hill's pumping out comedies like "Superbad" and "Get Him to the Greek," he's found himself involved with the hip-hop community. In September, while filming "Neighborhood Watch" with Ben Stiller, the two actors jetted off for a meet-up with T.I.

"Stiller and I went to go visit [article id="1671833"]T.I. in his music studio[/article] in Atlanta," Hill said. "We thought it was going to be this big party. It was just a bunch of dudes listening to music."

What's more, Hill also has a burgeoning friendship with Odd Future member and 2011 VMA Best New Artist winner Tyler, the Creator, and the duo are itching to work together."When are we collaborating on the greatest project ever?" Hill recently tweeted at him. "Let me direct a video for you and then we'll make it a full movie!"

"I love Tyler. He's awesome," Hill explained in the interview with MTV News.

To check out all of Hill's thoughts on hip-hop, as well as some hilarious tales from the set of "The Sitter," tune in to our live-stream event on MTV and tonight at 7:56 p.m. After Hill introduces a never-before-seen clip from the upcoming comedy, which hits theaters on December 9, the interview will continue online for over 30 minutes.

Join Jonah Hill for "MTV First: The Sitter" tonight at 7:56 p.m. ET on MTV!

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