Cashmere Cat And Tory Lanez Made The Best Music Video To Ever Take Place In An Ice Rink

It's certainly the best video to ever feature a Diplo atop a Zamboni

Cashmere Cat's icy, romantic song "Miss You" dropped last month, and this week, the song got an appropriately icy (and kinda romantic) music video to accompany it. It's icy, you see, because it takes place in a hockey rink, where Cashmere, vocalist Tory Lanez, and Diplo hang out on top of a Zamboni.

In fact, I'm willing to declare it as the best modern music video that takes place in such an environment.

Think about it. You've got the trio up there — with Diplo repping for Major Lazer — atop an ice resurfacer as figure skaters lope around them in a beautiful swirl of choreography. The ice is crystalline and the boards are blank, scrubbed of the typical advertising you'd see in a professional arena.

The whole scene is a beautiful wintry canvas colored by the the clothing, the movements, and the charm of its participants.

Think about the notable hockey-centric music videos. Oh, you can't name any? Weird, because when you search "hockey music videos" on YouTube, all you get are dozens of pages of supercuts of big hits soundtracked by loud rock music. And those are cool, too!

But in terms of creating lasting contributions to the medium, you've got your more abstract, expensive-looking icy videos, and you've got "Miss You." Let's let 2018 be the year of cool ice-rink videos. Has Sufjan Stevens filmed a proper "Tonya Harding" visual yet?