Can Anyone Find Hailee Steinfeld In Her New ‘Starving’ Video?

Zedd's gone, too... but at least there are a lot of shirtless male dudes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hailee Steinfeld is capital G-Grown in her new video for “Starving,” the tropical summer jam that dropped back in July and is just now finding new life. She gets cozy with shirtless male dancers in a neon-lit warehouse, busts out some sexy-lite choreo with them, and later rocks a crisp leather jacket. Zedd is M.I.A., but producer duo Grey show up in a retro whip, looking hella mysterious for all of five seconds before it’s back to Haiz lusting away in a fishnet top.

But wait… then the 19-year-old suddenly goes missing. Where did she go? Did the starvation finally do her in? Please alert me ASAP if you can spot her, because I really can’t...


Anyway, check out the full video below, and keep those eyes peeled:

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