Donald Trump Appoints Walter White To Lead The DEA On 'SNL'

John Cena also impresses in his hosting debut

WWE star John Cena hosted Saturday Night Live last night (December 10), only the fourth pro wrestler to host SNL after Hulk Hogan and Mr. T and four-time host Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Cena was pretty great, even when the episode wasn't, full of energy and charisma and several steps above the dead-eyed athletes that typically host the show.

The last two episodes have been marked by President-elect Donald Trump's tweets about the show, though Trump was thankfully silent during last night's airing, possibly due to Alec Baldwin taking the week off. Instead, we were treated to the a cold open discussing Trump's bizarre cabinet appointments (though no mention of Cena's former employer Linda McMahon), culminating in him appointing Walter "Heisenberg" White (Bryan Cranston, in a cameo) from Breaking Bad to lead the DEA.

Walter White never struck me as much of a Trump guy (the anti-science stuff would've sealed it); maybe they would've been better off with Todd and his uncle Jack?

Below are some of the night's top sketches:

Angela Merkel And Cathy Anne Talk Trump On 'Weekend Update'

This is cheating, as it's actually two separate segments of 'Weekend Update,' but SNL's fake news program stole the show this week, with Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong joining the desk as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and "Cathy Anne," respectively.

'Weekend Update' had an uncharacteristically enthusiastic audience, laughing loudly and reacting strongly to all of Colin Jost and Michael Che's jokes, and Merkel and Cathy Anne kill, largely because of their focus on Donald Trump. At one point, the nearly unintelligible Cathy Anne addresses Trump directly ("I know he's watching!"), pleading with him to get off the internet for a few days, leading to huge applause from the audience.

We Are Ready For The 'Dyke And Fats' Expanded Universe

The original minute-long "Dyke & Fats" was an instant classic, with McKinnon and Aidy Bryant portraying characters on a 70s cop show with pejorative nicknames only they can use. This sequel is about twice the length, taking away some of the surprising brevity from the first, but still ends with a great payoff. The Dyke and Fats movie needs to happen.

Seeing The World Through Donald Trump's Eyes

Though this aired late in the show (and likely past PEOTUS's bedtime), this surreal pre-taped sketch shows you a day in the life of Donald Trump's alternate reality, where he hears what he wants to hear and sees what he wants to see (and looks like John Cena with giant hands).

Don't Tempt Us, We'd Greenlight 'Hook A Hunk' With John Cena In A Second

I'd be remiss not to mention the sketch depicting a show on MTV called 'Hook A Hunk' (which airs, of course, before Teen Mom, Teen Wolf, and Teen Wolf Mom). I knew we were in trouble the moment I saw the MTV logo; while the premise of the sketch is funny (a contestant on a dating show is more interested in the host than her "hunks"), I'm still a bit more interested in Teen Wolf Mom.

Next week's episode will be hosted by Casey Affleck (who you should read about here) with musical guest Chance The Rapper.

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