These Festival Geniuses Have It All Figured Out: Learn Their Tricks

A look into Hangout's most brilliant minds...

There's a lot to navigate at huge festivals. From the relentless sun to pooping seagulls to getting sand near your unmentionables, you have to protect yourself. And these 2014 Hangout Festival-goers have it all figured out.

First off, these smarties thought to brought their own hammocks.

This lady was able to use her boyfriend's flexible legs as arm rests.

This girl thought to bring her own friend just in case she loses her real ones in the crowd.

You don't need to bring lounge chairs when you have sand at your disposal.

Just form a backrest and scoop out the butt and you're good to go.

And take a nap in the shade! Genius.

This guy wanted nothing to do with the sand and found a pool.

This guy has a giant, shady hat and sustenance. He'll survive.

This guy was just chillin' under the stream of water. Stay cool, dude.

Need shade? Prop up against a fence for an easy hideaway.

All you really have to do is buy a VIP pass, which is a genius in itself.

This guy got a huge martini umbrella to shade his sunburned head underneath.

Emilee Lindner - MTV

Again, those VIP passes...

This woman was able to accept that it's time to take a break - vital for any festival-goer.

These birds have it all figured out, sticking around the food area.

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