Introducing 'Skillset,' An MTV Podcast About The Experts Who Make Your Favorite Movies

In this episode: 'Hardcore Henry''s Sharlto Copley, jazz trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire, and the woman who made Melissa McCarthy's hair so boss.

Now hear this: This month, MTV News is unveiling the MTV Podcast Network, a constellation of new shows about music, pop culture, and politics. Today, we’re proud to present the first episode of our chief film critic's new show, "Skillset with Amy Nicholson."

On "Skillset," every guest is an expert. And in every episode, these experts will teach us new ways to look at the movies. We're going to meet the behind-the-scenes specialists who make movie magic, from cat trainers to shark-attack consultants to authorities on ‘80s underwear. We're going to send real-life punk singers and barbers to movies about punk singers and barbers to learn the facts behind the fiction. And each week, we'll ask our favorite actors about the obsessions that have shaped them.

In Episode 1, jazz trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire judges Don Cheadle’s horn-blowing in the new Miles Davis biopic Miles Ahead. Hair stylist Linda D. Flowers — the inventor of Katniss’s braid! — explains Melissa McCarthy’s slick makeover in The Boss and the difference between a haircut and a Boss Haircut. Finally, Hardcore Henry star Sharlto Copley opens up about how Robin Williams affected his career all the way across the world as a young kid in Apartheid-era South Africa.

Join us! Check out "Skillset" below or find us on SoundCloud.

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