Hilary Duff May Be Dancing In 'All About You,' But Don't Expect The Video To Be ‘Super Sexy Time’

Hilary's all about the line dance she busts out in the clip.

Ever since I watched the teaser for Hilary Duff's "All About You" video, I've literally been counting the minutes until the clip premieres -- and trying to learn some of those dance moves.

Luckily for me, the wait is almost over as the video is set to drop on Wednesday (September 24), and we'll finally get to see Hilary bring her folky pop track to life.

In the teaser, Hilary busts a move, waving around shirts and line-dancing with a group of ladies. But don't expect this dance to turn super-scandalous, as Duff made sure the choreography was "more me."

"The choreography was actually pretty easy, but it was a lot of rehearsals and I wanted to be so particular because I'm not, like, a dancer and I didn't want to be, like, super-sexy time dancing," Hilary told MTV News at the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

"I wanted something different about it that was more me. The choreographers were amazing and came up with a cool line dance."

For the video, directed by "Chasing The Sun" mastermind Declan Whitebloom, Hilary decided to take on a "simple," "cool" and "different" vibe, while still giving us a little bit of romance.

"The concept is, like, I meet a guy at a coffee shop, he drops a record and I pick up the record, and I kind of find him throughout the day. So, there is a little bit of a love story going on there," Hilary said. "But it's more about the choreography and the song.

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