Panic!'s 'Too Rare To Die!' LP Makes Brendon Urie 'The Most Proud'

Panic! at the Disco frontman calls new album'The most personal, honest and true' thing he's ever done.

Panic! at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie shoulders the load on the band's new [article id="1710610"]Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die![/article] album -- it's his image on the cover, he's starring solo ([article id="1715400"]and getting naked[/article]) in their music videos, and he [article id="1711049"]wrote the majority of the music[/article] in his home studio.

But make no mistake about it; despite all that, he definitely doesn't consider Panic! to be a [article id="1715193"]solo project[/article].

"Yeah, I was writing at home, but we were all kind of doing that. [Bassist] Dallon [Weekes] was writing at home as well, we would email back and forth, and any time I felt like there was a song I wanted to put on the album, I'd email everybody and be like 'What do you guys want to think of this?'" Urie told MTV News. "There's one song 'Far Too Young To Die,' that started from Dallon's idea, but I wanted it to have a more dance vibe, to match the other song on the record, so I asked him if I could to do a production thing on it. So a lot of it was more collaborative than people realize."

Still, there's no denying the fact that, with drummer (and founding member) Spencer Smith [article id="1711994"]leaving the band[/article] to focus on his sobriety, Panic! is very much Urie's project these days ... and he's not exactly shying away from the spotlight, either.

"I love doing it. It's good to stay busy, if I wasn't doing this, I'd be sitting at home losing my mind," he laughed. "I love writing songs, I love writing music, I love being able to jump out, center stage, and be the center of attention. I love the spotlight, I love acting out ... I want to be able to do everything."

And to that point, he describes Too Rare! as not only "the most personal, honest and true" Panic! album, but also, the one he's most proud of. After all, he's putting himself out there, laying it all on the line ... and, as such, whether the album succeeds or not is largely up to him. But, as you can probably guess, he's ready for that responsibility.

"Yeah, I feel like from record to record, it tends to go that direction; I feel much more proud, I feel more involved with every record. And this one, for sure, I'm definitely the most proud of this," he said. "This time I feel like I hit my stride in terms of my confidence for songwriting, and production. I like being able to keep it exciting for me, surprising myself in certain aspects of songwriting and producing, so this time around I'm most proud of this record."

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