Movies Streaming This Week: 'Byzantium,' '42' and Movies that Celebrate the 4th of July


We’re a few days from celebrating the 4th of July and starting today there’s a good mix of titles you can stream while chomping on a hot dog. Neil Jordan returns to vampire movie with the super gory "Byzantium," one of the pillars of our national pastime is brought to the screen in "42" and we give you a few more titles that are worth checking out during the holiday.



Also currently in theaters, Neil Jordan returns to the world of blood-suckers 19 years after "Interview with the Vampire." Here Eleanor (Saoirse Ronan) and Clara (Gemma Arterton) show up at a quiet costal town and we quickly realize they aren’t there for the sights. Though they try to fit in their vampire ways soon come to the surface in a gory fashion.

Why Watch It: Jordan doesn’t hold back on the graphic content (both horrific and sexual).

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63 years after the man played himself in his own biopic, Jackie Robinson has returned to Hollywood in the form of newcomer Chadwick Boseman as director Brian Helgeland looks back on the iconic life of Robinson as he breaks the color barrier in baseball

Why Watch It: Boseman plays a much more compelling Robinson than the real ballplayer did in his movie, and Harrison Ford takes gruff to the next level playing the Dodger’s executive.

Available On: iTunes, Amazon Instant [On Demand 7/16]

'Evil Dead'

With the originator of the franchise, Sam Rami, overseeing as producer (as well as the original Ash himself, Bruce Campbell), director Fede Alvarez introduces the horror classic to a new generation with a bigger budget and bigger scares.

Why Watch It: In no way trying to be a remake of the original, the spirit of Rami’s classic is certainly well represented.

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Following his Oscar nominated "127 Hours" (and directing the London Summer Olympics) Danny Boyle makes this fast and loose thriller starring James McAvoy as a mild mannered art auctioneer who finds himself involved with some shaddy character after he steals a painting while hypnotized.

Why Watch It: McAvoy is great and Vincent Cassell/Rosario Dawson give their usual solid performances.

Avaialble On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant [On Demand 7/23]

'Bullet to the Head'

Sly Stallone does what he does best in this revenge tale, playing a vengeful, bad ass who teams with a D.C. cop to take down the bad guy.

Why Watch It: It’s directed by Walter Hill (The Warriors, 48 Hours), so expect the movie filled with gritty, action-packed, macho stuff. Just the way we like our Stallone.

Available On: iTunes, Amazon Instant [On Demand 7/16]

OLDIES BUT GOODIES (4th of July Edition)

Celebrate our nation’s independence with these diverse stories set in the US of A.

'Born on the Fourth of July'

Oliver Stone’s adaption of Ron Kovic’s life is a sobering look at the American dream and how a nation was shattered at the height of the Vietman War. In perhaps Tom Cruise’s greatest role, he plays Kovic with a heart-breaking intensity that would earn him an Oscar nomination.

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'Once Upon A Time In America'

Sergio Leone’s legendary spotlight on Prohibition America is as epic in story as it is in star power. Robert De Niro plays a gangster who return to the East Side to confront his old demons, which include flashbacks of his old running mates James Woods, William Forsythe and old love Elizabeth McGovern.

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'Independence Day'

Will Smith not only blew away the evil aliens in this classic Roland Emmerich end-of-times blockbuster but the box office too as with the success of the film he cemented himself as the go-to July 4th weekend movie draw for the next decade.

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Performances by Denzel Washington (who won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar), Matthew Broderick and Morgan Freeman lay the foundation for this superb retelling of the Civil War’s first all-black company which not only had to fight the Confederates but the prejudices within their own Army. And its ending one of the all-time best.

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