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'Challenge' Shift: Are The Lavender Ladies About To Lose Their Power?

They'd been running the game, but a single elimination round changed 'everything'

Just as quickly as the Lavender Ladies saw their chances at a Challenge win bloom, they’re in danger of being pruned. Now, the question remains: Are they about to lose power over the game?

On tonight’s Final Reckoning episode, Johnny and Tony quickly saw their chances at a win slip away when Cara Maria and Marie — their only remaining allies — were sent to the Redemption House after being eliminated by Shane and Nelson in Armageddon. That left four teams with ties to the Lavender Ladies alliance and Tony and Bananas as the single outlier.

But quickly, that disproportion began to resolve itself.

TJ alerted the cast that the next installment of the Redemption House comeback was just around the corner, and this would be an especially consequential one, as two teams would draw Double-Crosses, and each could take another team into Armageddon. This meant four eliminated teams would have the opportunity to assume one of two comeback spots in the game. And for Teams Kayleigh/Kam and Brad/Kyle — who both selected the coveted totems — the chance to return seemed closer than ever.

But that swiftly changed as soon as the six Redemption House teams stepped foot into Armageddon. First, TJ told Zach and Amanda that because of injuries Zach had sustained during his most recent elimination-round battle, he could not proceed, and he and Amanda were sent home on the spot. That meant only one more team would be denied the chance to return to the game, and sadly for Jozea and Da’Vonne, who’d put up an incredibly strong showing across their rookie season, the jig was up.

“They played a great game -- they killed it in eliminations. I’d love to see them again,” Cara said.

Still, there were more pressing matters for Cara: She and Marie would have to take on Kayleigh and Kam for one comeback spot, while Paulie and Natalie would take on Brad and Kyle for another. And “That’s the Ticket” proved to be a perfect equalizer — the game served as a life-sized version of Powerball, as one member from each team would be stuck inside a giant spinning globe while trying to pick a series of numbered balls and deposit them into a designated tube in the correct sequence. All the while, each team’s second player would spin his or her opponents’ wheel, making things incredibly difficult for each ball-chaser.

And both games were nail-biters. While Marie had only one elimination-round win to her name, she drummed up fire and focus like she never had before. She didn’t want to disappoint Cara and vowed to win. And that’s what she did, besting Kayleigh and Kam at the last second.

“It’s good to shut them all up,” Marie said.

Things didn’t go as smoothly for Paulie and Natalie, though. The Big Brother exports, who’d been struggling to escape the Redemption House, immediately found themselves at a deficit when little Natalie was forced to contend with Kyle’s insanely fast spins. In seconds, she was bruised and battered but vowed to keep fighting. And she fought until the end, taking out Kyle and Brad, similarly, at the last second.

Suddenly, the Lavender Ladies watched their lives flash before their eyes.

“This game has just been turned upside-down,” Cara Maria observed. “You’ve got me and Marie back. You’ve got Natalie and Paulie back. This is the craziest game I have ever been a part of.”

And with a single night in Armageddon, Johnny and Tony’s game isn’t looking like such a suicide mission. But what do you think? Are the Lavender Ladies done for, and will Johnny, Cara and Natalie be able to take 'em out? Or will the LL’s stronghold remain firm, and is it only a matter of time before they oust their opponents? Share your thoughts, and see how this shakes out when Final Reckoning returns Tuesday!