'Friends' Coffee Shop 'Central Perk' Is Set To Open In New York

Couch included!

Have you ever watched reruns of "Friends" on TBS and thought, "man, I wish I could drink my morning cup of joe on a vintage, puke-orange couch while a weird lady sings about farting cats and a socially awkward, very-blond barista man listens to my conversations?"

Well, today (or September 17, when it opens) is officially your lucky day, because at least two of those wishes could now come true if you live in the greater New York City area!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Friends," Warner Bros. announced via release on Wednesday that "The One With The Free Coffee" would soon hit downtown Manhattan -- or, in other words, that they're opening a real pop-up Central Perk on 199 Lafayette Street, in SoHo. The shop will be a replica -- puke-orange couch included -- of the joint they loved to frequent on "Friends," and will even feature special appearances from James Michael Tyler himself, who played Gunther.

There will also be numerous photo opps, weekly sing-alongs to Phoebe's classic songs, contests, giveaways, "Friends" merch, and free cups of Eight O’ Clock Coffee -- including their limited-edition Central Perk Roast -- for everyone.

The shop will open its doors daily from September 17-October 18, but word is still out on whether or not you'll have to battle six early-30-somethings who won't stop talking about their sex lives for a place on the couch. Stay tuned!

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