Aguilera Responds To Alleged Eminem Dis

He has dissed his mother and his daughter's mother, and now the controversial Eminem is going after Christina Aguilera.

On his upcoming single, "The Real Slim Shady," the rapper allegedly imagines the Grammy-Award winning singer performing a particular sex act.

It's disgusting and offensive and above all it's not true," Aguilera told MTV News on Thursday of the alleged lyrics.

Aguilera's manager told MTV News that he's heard disturbing rumors about the song's content, and while he doesn't mind if Eminem parodies Aguilera's music, he believes, "There is nothing more important to a woman than her honor, and that seems to be what we're dealing with here."

Aguilera has found more than her fair share of time in tabloids and gossip columns already in her short career. [article id="1438171"]"Sometimes you read these stories about yourself and sometimes you want to cry,"[/article] Aguilera recently told MTV News of the scrutiny. [article id="1438171"]"It's really difficult sometimes not to take it personally, because those people don't know you. They just write some negative things sometimes.

I guess with my upbringing, [I'm] trying to stay grounded, spiritual, trying to stay the same person I always was," she added. "This business is so superficial that it's like, I try to stay the same person I always was, keep the same friends, strong friends and family support, just keeping it like that." [RealVideo][/article]

A spokesperson for Eminem said that the rapper and his management have no comment regarding the alleged Christina dis.

As for Aguilera, she is currently mapping out a headlining tour (with Destiny's Child opening up) that will kick off July 31 (see "Aguilera Taps Destiny's Child For Tour").

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