Here's How 'Game Of Thrones' Just Made Epic Emmy Winning History

The warriors of Westeros just toppled 'The West Wing' in Emmy history.

"Game of Thrones" just came off of its most controversial season ever, between amping up the already very high levels of violence, killing off hugely important characters (but yeah right on the last one), and an overall heightened sense of doom and gloom.

Tonight, the Emmy voters issued a message to those people:

nights king game of thrones snow

Tonight, the HBO fantasy series made Emmy Awards history, setting a record for the most Emmys won by a single show in a single year. The previous record holder was "The West Wing" at nine. With 2015's Emmys, "Thrones" surpassed the record, netting eight wins at the Creative Arts Emmys last week, and adding four more trophies to the pile at the main event.

The big winners of the night: showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss for Outstanding Writing, "Mother's Mercy" helmer David Nutter for Outstanding Director, and Peter Dinklage, earning his second Supporting Actor win for "Thrones." Take a shot, Tyrion!



Oh, and then there's the big win for Outstanding Drama, too. No big deal.

So, not only was tonight a huge night for Arya Stark, plus BFF Trio Theon, Varys and Samwell, it's also a straight-up epic Emmy night for "Thrones." Not even mentioning that it's George R.R. Martin's 67th birthday today, too. We can even forgive the guy for not bringing a laptop to the award show.

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