'American Idol' Contestants Support Paula Abdul On Twitter

Danny Gokey, Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud want the judge to return to the show.

With [article id="1616519"]her return to the [url id="/news/topic/american_idol/index.jhtml"]"American Idol"[/url] judges' table[/article] still up in the air, a host of former "Idol" contestants are weighing in on the [artist id="1397"]Paula Abdul[/artist] situation. And they want her back.

While Brooke White told MTV News [article id="1616580"]it would be "sad" if Abdul left the show[/article], some of her fellow alumni took to Twitter to show their support for the bubbly host.

Season-eight singers Danny Gokey, Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud -- all currently on the [article id="1616438"]American Idols Live! Tour[/article] -- dropped the hashtag "#KeepPaula" in their tweets, and season-seven contestant Syesha Mercado wrote "No Paula = No American Idol" on her account. And "Idol" also-ran Katrina Darrell -- a.k.a. "Bikini Girl" -- got in on the Abdul action too, though, of course, she used her Twitter account to take a jab at nemesis (and current "AI" judge) Kara DioGuardi.

"Exactly they dont need a 4th judge especially an insecure know it allkara," Darrell wrote. "Keep paula add bikini girl as 4th judge if they need."

The outpouring of support has been so great that Abdul took to her Twitter account to thank all of her fans, writing that they've moved her to tears with their messages.

"I'm actually moved 2 tears upon reading the enormous amount of tweets showing me your kindness, love & undying support. God bless all of you!" Abdul wrote. "If it weren't for you, this specific time and situation would feel a whole lot worse!"

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