Disney Confirms That Every Pixar Film Is Connected With An Easter Egg–Filled Video

When can we start calling it the Pixar Extended Universe?

We love Pixar movies for many reasons. They're thrillingly original (most of the time) and innovative, always pushing the boundaries of computer-generated animation. They manage to be both emotionally engaging and fun for children and adults. But for certain cinephiles, it's the studio's boundless dedication to Easter eggs and inside jokes that make films like The Incredibles and Wall-E so captivating from start to finish.

Oh My Disney recently compiled a video guide that connects all of the studio's Easter eggs, from 1995's Toy Story through 2016's Finding Dory. While some of them might be well-know among Pixar fans — like Boo giving Sully a Nemo plushy in Monsters, Inc. — others are truly mind-blowing. Did you spot Inside Out's Riley in Finding Dory? Or Princess Merida's sneaky appearance in Cars 2? Take a look for yourself.

This basically confirms the long-standing fan theory that there's a Pixar Extended Universe, right? RIGHT?!

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