Josh Hutcherson Reunites With His 'Hunger Games' Costar In This Exclusive Poster From 'The Rusted'

We're already scared.

We've seen Josh Hutcherson face tracker jackers, brainwashing, and Jennifer Lawrence's wavering affection in "The Hunger Games" trilogy, but nothing could possibly compare audiences -- or Hutcherson himself, for that matter -- for what he's about to face in "The Rusted," his upcoming psychological thriller that reunites the actor with his erstwhile brainwash buddy, Jena Malone.

MTV News has your exclusive first look at the poster for the short film, which was selected for adaptation by Hutcherson himself and Ron Howard after thousands of applicants submitted movie trailers as part of Canon's "Project Imagination: The Trailer" contest. South Florida college student Mark Mukherje won with "Tainted Water," which was then adapted by Kat Candler into "The Rusted," which based on the poster alone should be pretty darn terrifying:



The film stars Hutcherson and Malone as siblings who plan to turn their childhood home into a recording studio, until strange occurrences make them confront their past... and presumably, each other.

“The unclearness of reality and what’s in your mind is fascinating,” Hutcherson told MTV News about the project back in July. “In this short we get to explore that, and push the bounds of what’s real and what’s not real and what’s really going on, versus what’s just in the character’s mind. The psychological element was something I always really wanted to get involved with, and this one allowed me to do that.

“These characters have their own past traumas that are haunting them still,” he continued. “The idea that something that happens in your life that is traumatic can stay with you your whole life to the point where you hallucinate things that aren’t really there -- that’s kind of scary, and I hope that doesn’t happen to me.”

The film will be available to view on the Project Imagination website beginning on Friday, October 23rd, as well as on AOL Build's Live Feed at 7 PM EST on Thursday, October 22nd.