'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Director Explains Sentimental Ending

Bill Condon takes MTV News behind two sweet touches at the end of the movie.

(Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2"!)

Given the tremendous success "Breaking Dawn - Part 2"" had at the box office over the weekend, it is safe to assume that the majority of the franchise's most dedicated fans have already seen the film at least once. For those who haven't and are still reading, stop now if you don't want to the ending (which differs from Stephenie Meyer's source material) spoiled for you.

Knowing the fanbase like he does, director Bill Condon wanted to end the epic franchise with something extra that served as both a thank you to the fans for their overwhelming support and also to the multitude of actors who appeared in any of the five films. During post-production work on the film, Condon and his editing team added two sequences at the end: the first is Bella letting Edward into her mind for the first time, a sequence that is a flashback of all the most swoon-worthy moments of their romance. The second sequence is a roll call of sorts that serves as a shout-out to all the actors who appeared in "The Twilight Saga." It was added just after "Forever" appears onscreen and right before the credits start scrolling.

MTV News caught up with Condon recently to discuss the inspiration behind those very special extras.

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"That is stuff we filmed as we were shooting and then [added] mostly in edit," Condon said of Bella's "Edward flashbacks." "The decision to use Christina Perri's song ['A Thousand Years'], I had temped the movie with that, and so I asked her if we could use it," he explained. "She wrote a new version, and it's perfect for the first image of Rob coming through that door [when he meets Bella]."

As for the rundown of all the castmembers, Condon said he'd been sitting on the idea for a while.

"I always wanted to do this tribute to the actors at the end as a way to extend this feeling of saying goodbye and the sense of connecting it to where it came from," he said. "Where it started with the book and also putting it in to the history books."

Although the "Dreamgirls" director was able to get everything he had to have into the final cut, there are a few scenes lost that will hopefully make it to the DVD/Blu-ray version.

"There are a few more scenes of the Volturi traveling around the world, there's one scene of Bella training, which seemed redundant," Condon explained. "It's Bella trying to become a badass fighter and failing at it, so it's kind of funny. The only reason I miss it is that there's this roundhouse kick at the end that Rob taught her how to do."

Condon said we can also expect an epic speech from fan-favorite vampire Garrett (Lee Pace) but did not mention that infamous "dog bowl scene" between Rosalie and Jacob that Nikki Reed teased earlier. Fingers crossed that will make the bonus features as well.

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