These New Jensen Ackles Pics Are All The Hotness You Need Today

Yep. Supernatural levels of hot.

Some days you wake up, browse the Internet to find cool stories on Reddit/Tumblr/etc. to share with all of your friends, and find diddly squat. (By "all of your friends" I mean MTV News readers. You guys are my friends, right? Of course you are.)

And then there are days like today (August 29), when you wake up and find that Jensen Ackles, he of the god-like chest region and brand new Twitter account, did a Harper's Bazaar China shoot earlier in the summer with predictably handsome results. These are the best of days.

Now, the first hint at the existence of this shoot came from Instagram user isewhite, a creative and fashion director, who teased Ackles' participation four months ago. "Jensen Ackles for Bazaar China group shot," she wrote. We were all so excited!

But then months went by -- the shoot was for the September issue, after all -- and by the time the pics finally hit the web, it took an alert from Ackles' Chinese fan club to finally get them on my radar. Now Tumblr is blowing up, and with good reason -- these classy, sexy photos were clearly worth the wait. Check them out below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Harper's Bazaar China


Harper's Bazaar China


Harper's Bazaar China


"Supernatural" season 10 premieres October 7 on The CW. Watch it if you like hotness. (And reapers, and angel blades.)

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