The Kid From 'Air Bud' Is A Total DILF Now

The actor welcomed twin girls this past summer.

The beloved '90s classic "Air Bud" turned the big 1-8 this year. Whaaat?! If the movie were a person, it'd be able to vote, drink (if it lived in the UK) and buy a lottery ticket. But wait a minute — that means it's been 18 years since cutie Josh Framm, aka Kevin Zegers, first introduced us to the Golden Retriever who can play sports better than most humans.

That means 18 years since this iconic moment.

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Air Bud

And this one.

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Air Bud


Walt Disney Pictures

Air Bud

Zegers, now 31, made us fall in love with the little boy who desperately needed a friend. His character battled a crazy, abusive clown/dog owner as well as an abusive gym coach. Come to think of it, there was a lot of low-key abuse in that movie. But anyway, Zegers reprised his role of Josh in several of the franchise's sequels, including, "Air Bud: Golden Receiver" and "Air Bud 3: World Pup."

In an old interview, Zegers explained, "[Buddy] is a really, really cool dog. [The film] actually has three of them. One [of them] is light and I can carry around...there's one, they call him 'Stupid' [because] he just runs around and dives on people and jumps off buildings...[and there's] Buddy, a really low-key dog who likes playing Buddy I say is the most talented, but the other two dogs really help him out with like all the different shots in the movie."

Two quick facts about the canine star of the film, Buddy the Wonder Dog:

1. He was the same dog who played Comet on "Full House."

2. He has unfortunately (but unsurprisingly) passed away. According to E! Online, Buddy died in 1998 from cancer. RIP Buddy.

Zegers went from this adorable kid...

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Air Bud this total babe.

And, he's a new dad!

Zegers and his wife Jaime Feld became parents this summer to twin girls Zoë Madison and Blake Everleigh Zegers.

Fatherhood looks good on him...

...even when he's exhausted to the extreme.

"Getting into the Halloween costume business. This one is called the 'Pulverized Parent'. Comes with hair grease, shirts covered in baby puke and unbrushed teeth," captioned Zegers.

After the "Air Bud" films, Zegers starred in several films, including "Transamerica," "Gardens of the Night" and "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones." He also had a recurring role on "Gossip Girl," playing prince-to-be Damian Daalgard. More recently, Zegers played Owen on the Fox mini-series "Gracepoint."

Zegers has taken a year off from acting, which is totally understandable, since he now has two babies who need around-the-clock care.

We'll be anxiously awaiting for your return to work, Kevin! Also, you win the Coolest (and Hottest) Dad award.