'This Is The Next Step': 'Teen Mom OG''s Amber Is Pursuing A College Degree

She was 'super happy' to get some big news on tonight's episode

Amber is setting out to achieve her "educational goals." During tonight's Teen Mom OG episode, the mother of two began the process of pursuing a college degree at Purdue University (she received her GED while in prison). The first step: Amber spoke to an admissions representative about her desire to study neurological psychology because of her "different types of mental illnesses."

"The last ten years, I've been going to therapists and psychiatrists, and I've always been very curious," Amber explained. "I just feel like this is the next step to put it together with an education. I think it would be a very powerful thing to help people out, honestly."

Shortly after the call, Amber set her plan into action and submitted her application online. Then, she received some big news via email.

"Congratulations! You have been enrolled in Purdue University," Amber read to her producer Lorraine. And once reality set in, Amber admitted she was "super happy" about this next chapter. Next up: psychology and English courses!

Amber once believed back in the day she "couldn't do it" -- but now she has the faith she can "get there and do it." How will she adjust to this next chapter of her life? Be sure to keep watching Amber every Tuesday on Teen Mom OG at 8/7c.

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