Ludacris Going Back To High School After Anger Management

Rapper will star in 'Skip Day,' which he's also executive producing.

Ludacris thinks he can carry a movie, and he's putting his money where his mouf is.

The Atlanta rapper will star in and executive produce the comedy "Skip Day," which will also feature his music in the film and on the soundtrack.

Ludacris came up with the premise for the movie, which he describes as "House Party" meets "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," and successfully pitched it to Original Film, who in turn got Paramount Pictures and MTV Films behind it.

Ludacris will play a high school senior who is transferred along with a buddy from an inner-city school to a suburban prep school where pandemonium ensues around their attempt to organize a senior skip day.

Phil Beauman, who wrote "Not Another Teen Movie" and "Scary Movie," will pen the script, which will take place in Atlanta. Original Film producer Neal Moritz ("Cruel Intentions") said the movie will go into production as soon as the script is finished, which could be as early as this summer.

Ludacris' schedule is booked through September, however. He will shoot his first starring role in "Radio" next month (see [article id="1453501"]"Ludacris Tapped To Star In 'Radio' Flick"[/article]) before heading out from July to September on the Anger Management Tour (see [article id="1453967"]"Eminem, Papa Roach Line Up Anger Management Dates"[/article]).

The rapper, whose sophomore album, Word of Mouf, was released late last year, has so far only appeared on the big screen in a small role in "The Wash."

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