'Plan D': Dr. Drew Is The 'Last Resort' To Get The 'Jersey Shore' Family Back Together

It's time to call a professional

Dr. Drew has a storied history on MTV -- from hosting the always drama-filled Teen Mom reunions to answering relationship-themed calls on Loveline. But can the addiction specialist help Angelina and Jenni squash their beef and help bring the Jersey Shore family back together?

After a tension-filled, awkward funeral dinner, desperate times called for desperate measures (the mediation, double booking and gathering around the table just wasn't working). Enter Ronnie's deep contact list -- and a professional to execute the "last resort."

"I have Dr. Drew's number," he told Vinny. "When I was going through that sh*t, he connected me and helped me find the treatment center."

The "good dude" called Ronnie back while he was GTL'ing with the guys -- and after hearing the backstory about speechgate and the aftermath, Dr. Drew believed it would be best if he could come to Lake Las Vegas to understand the exact circumstances.

"Plan A didn't work, Plan B didn't work, even Plan C didn't work. It's time for Plan D: Dr. Drew," Sitch stated.


When Dr. Drew arrived (after clearing testing protocols), he met with RSVP to discuss how the situation has affected them for the past 10 months and why it differs from past problems.


"We've had fights, but everyone would still come and coexist," Vin explained. "This is the first time that people refused to be with other people. In the same room."

Before long, Dr. Drew got JWOWW's side of the story (after her surprised reaction that he had come to Lake Las Vegas).


"I didn't stand up next to her to ruin her day," she said, which prompted Dr. Drew to bring up the social media backlash. Jenni's take on it: "She watched the whole world think that the three of us ruined her wedding. She's retweeting and liking the fact that, finally, the world is on Angelina's side."

So will Dr. Drew have a breakthrough with Angelina and Jenni the roomies and help them reunite once and for all? Tell us what you think, then do not miss Jersey Shore next Thursday at 8/7c.