DMX Sentenced To One Year In Jail

Rapper pleaded guilty in Phoenix to probation violation.

DMX is heading back to jail for a year. On Thursday morning (December 16), the rapper (born Earl Simmons) pleaded guilty in a Phoenix courtroom to a felony probation violation. He was arrested on November 18 for not checking in with his probation officer, failing to submit to drug testing and refusing to undergo treatment.

"I did make the effort that I could, and I appreciate any help you can give me," Simmons told Judge Christine Mulleneaux, according to the Phoenix New Times.

Judge Mulleneaux was not wholly sympathetic to X's pleas for leniency, saying he tested positive for cocaine five times during his probation. She said he likely had an undiagnosed mental condition that he needs to take care of, and until he does so, he'd continue on his path of substance abuse.

"Your criminal history goes back to 1988," she said. "It's going to continue if you don't take care of your mental health."

According to The Associated Press, DMX told Phoenix station KSAZ-TV that he had been kicked out of a drug treatment program because he had a drink at a Scottsdale club during a performance.

[article id="1634088"]X had been on probation[/article] since July, having served four months of a six-month sentence handed down in March for failing a court-mandated drug test and testing positive for cocaine. Following his release in July, he began serving a [article id="1644480"]90-day sentence[/article] for a reckless driving charge in Los Angeles dating all the way back to 2002. In May of 2009, he was released from [article id="1611403"]90 days in a Phoenix jail[/article] on charges of drug possession, fraud and animal cruelty from 2008.