'We Connected': Fessy And Tori Address Their 'Double Agents' Relationship

Find out what's 'really' going on between the 'Challenge' twosome

Fessy confessed that he was "feeling" Tori on Double Agents, but he would "never cross that line" because at the time, she was in a relationship. Instead, the Big Brother alum coupled up with focused his attention on Love Island rookie Gabby. Fast-forward to the Challenge Season 36 reunion: What actually happened between Tori and Fessy on the series, and what is their status (since she split with her significant other)?

"She's just a very dope girl -- that's what I was trying to say," Fessy told host Vernon Davis about their time in the game on the Double Agents reunion. "There's a lot of pretty females in the house, but me and her just kind of vibed out when we talked. That's kind of how it started when we started getting close as friends and we would just talk about a lot of things. I didn't talk to a lot of people in the house. She was one of the few that I actually opened up to."

Tori's take: "Obviously, we connected, and we were really cool. We mostly got really close because he was partners with Aneesa. And we were always kind of together. But I didn't know he was attracted to me until he called me beautiful in the igloo one night. He was drunk. It really wasn't a big deal -- it was super low-key. I didn't realize any of that stuff, for the most part, until after I had gotten eliminated."

After filming wrapped, the two were spotted in Turks and Caicos, where they did "lots of talking." Tori insisted that the two are "just really good friends," while Fessy responded with, "I plead the fifth."

"So I was going to meet up with a few of my friends," Tori explained. "Fessy just kind of slipped through. It was obviously after he had gotten back and was coming off of [finishing at] number four again. I think we were both kind of like, 'Let's do something that feels good.'"

They confirmed that they never did anything during Season 36, and the trip was more about getting to know each other outside of being on TV (and dipping their toes in the sand).

"We just found out we are better off as friends," Fessy concluded.

However, Tori did admit that "sh*t did get weird" between them. What do you think that means -- and do you believe that they are strictly platonic today? Sound off, and do not miss Part 2 of the Double Agents reunion next Wednesday at 8/7c!

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