Justin Bieber, Lil Twist Will Leak Mixtape Track 'Real Soon'

Young Money MC says his project with Bieber may even become an EP.

Justin Bieber has already received the seal of approval of [article id="1646789"]Kanye West[/article], [article id="1632234"]Ludacris[/article] and [article id="1647665"]Drake[/article]. And he impressed many with a video in which he raps over [article id="1650454"]Vado and Cam'ron's "Speaking in Tungs"[/article] last month. Now Bieber is taking the next step to proving his crossover potential: working on a mixtape with of [article id="1652063"]Young Money rapper and fellow teen Lil Twist[/article].

"Me and Justin are working on this mixtape," Twist confirmed to MTV News. "We probably gonna title it Best of Both Worlds, [or] Best of Young Rap, Best of Young Pop. We got a few records done. The recent record that was talked about was 'Billionaire.' We did 'Billionaire' by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars. We gonna get ready to leak that out. We're gonna leak something real soon."

Any further details about when more music from the twosome might drop is still very TBD. "I don't have the date on the mixtape yet, because we're still working hard on it," the MC explained. "We're trying to get new beats, because now, like, some of the beats [that we've used] are old. ... So we're gonna get new beats and go back in and try and make an EP."

The idea of the two working on some music together was really an idea Bieber came up with, Twist explained. "Me and Justin, we actually met through a mutual friend and after that we got real cool actually," he recalled. "[We] started working in the studio, sending stuff through the Mac book and everything. And then he was like, 'Yo, bro, we should do a mixtape. Let's go.' We just started then."

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