Let Frank Ocean's Calvin Klein Ad Soothe The Pain Of No New Justin Bieber Shots

Bye, Bieber and Kendall!!!!

Are you ready for some Frank Ocean news?? While it's probably not the news you've been eagerly awaiting since 2014, it is some major news — he's starring in Calvin Klein's new campaign! If one thing could take away the pain of no new Justin Bieber images, this is it.

The brand unveiled its star-studded lineup Tuesday night, which includes many, many images, like Frank feeling loved by a Marilyn Monroe impersonator in his white CK t-shirt.

Bella Hadid is also featured, laying on a mirror in nothing but her Calvin Klein jeans. You know, everyone's fave way to relax.

Along with the campaign images, the brand released video interviews with the stars. The most interesting clip comes from Young Thug, who says, "I feel like there's no such thing as gender." It's a feeling shared by the brand he's representing — CK released a genderless fragrance in 2015 — and a number of others, including Louis Vuitton.

You can see more from the campaign on Calvin Klein's website.

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