Justin Bieber Finally Dropped Info On What He's Doing In 'Zoolander 2'

It's not giving a eugoogoly, but it's still pretty damn good.

The first "Zoolander" definitely opened strong with its introduction to the fashion industry's abuse of child labor in Malaysia, but it looks like "Zoolander 2" is going to have something even more insane-slash-offensive to start the show: Justin Bieber doing parkour.

“I start the movie off," Bieber told Women's Wear Daily in a recent interview. "[I'm] the first thing you see in the movie, which is pretty cool. I do this whole, like, parkour sequence. I’ve never really done something like that before. I didn’t expect Ben [Stiller] to be so hands on... It was really cool to have him direct me in such a nonthreatening way. I wasn’t intimated at all.”

Of course, we're going to have to wait until February 12, 2016 to find out exactly why Bieber is doing parkour in the "Zoolander" world, and whether Derek himself and/or Hansel (Owen Wilson) are doing it with him. All we know so far is that the film will mostly take place in Europe, and that it has a bevy of guest stars that also includes Kristen Wiig and, of course, Billy Zane (he's a cool dude).

So while we wait for the Biebs to show his street workout skillz alongside fashion's best and brightest, let's let Abbi from "Broad City" walk us through what the whole sequence will probably look like. Tic tac on the fire hydrant, Bieber!