These 7 YouTube Stars Are Bisexual And Proud -- And They're Dying To Talk About It

They've got a lot on their minds.

Does anyone else like a kid on Christmas Eve right now? If you do, it's probably because you already know that today (September 21) marks the beginning of Bisexual Awareness Week: that most magical time of year when we get to celebrate and honor what it means to identify as Bisexual.

If you're feeling under-prepared, don't worry: The *official* annual Celebrate Bisexuality Day (or CBD for short) always takes place on September 23, which is Wednesday -- so you still have plenty of time to plan all of your #BiWeek activities.

Unfortunately, during much of the rest of year, being bisexual isn't always entirely awesome. As Evan Rachel Wood recently pointed out, the bisexual community faces a heightened risk of health issues including cancer, STDs and depression, and we frequently face discrimination, invisibility, and bi-phobia -- even within the LGBT community.

Those are just a few of the issues these brave and brilliant bisexual YouTube stars are speaking their minds about -- some hilariously, some sweetly and some pissed-off-edly -- and all while looking impossibly cute:

R.J. Aguiar

In response to demands from some of his viewers that he "just come out as gay already," writer and vlogger R.J. explains "Because I'm not. ...bisexuality exists. It is not a stepping stone to coming out as fully gay. It does not mean that a person is simply indecisive and can't choose 'what team to play for.'" Still have questions? Hit him up at #AskABiGuy

Amy Geliebter

In this hilarious "bisexual makeup tutorial, in which an actual bisexual puts on makeup," Amy pokes fun at bisexual erasure and stereotypes while also giving a killer makeup tutorial. "Great! Now my face looks as well-defined as society's idea of perfect gays and lesbians! ...I'll be applying a shade called 'naked' to my upper eyelids. this is especially appropriate because everyone knows that bisexuals are just looking for an excuse to be sexually promiscuous."

Connor Manning

Connor Manning identifies as a writer, vlogger and musician. Oh, and also as bisexual. "Did you have to do the dirty with someone of another sex to know you were straight first?" he asks the hypothetical straight person accusing him of being "not really bi" since he hasn't yet hooked up with any dudes (or hadn't before making this video, at least). "No, you didn't," he continues, "So in the same way, I don't have to do that to know what I am and what my feelings are." Way to tell it like it is, Connor.

Camille Beredjick

Camille vlogs about everything from feminism to self-care, to being accepted as LGBT by your grandma (featuring, adorably, her real-life grandma). In this video, she talks about labels: specifically, the difference between bisexual and pansexual -- and why people get so riled up about them.

Shane Dawson

Shane hit all 6+ million of his subscribers right in the feels when he broke character from his normally hilarious, lighthearted self with his touching, teary-eyed coming out video earlier this year. "I'm open to love," he said. And he's been getting it -- his book I Hate Myselfie recently made Publisher's Weekly's Bestseller list.

Kiera Rose

British vlogger Kiera Rose talks about about everything from makeup and hair tutorials to vegetarianism and menstrual cup reviews. Though she notes that she's learned some new things since making this video in 2012 and might have phrased some things differently if she got a do-ver (like suggesting that there are only two genders, for example), she still has some great insights about what it means (and definitely does NOT mean) to identify as bisexual here. Also, magical mermaid hair.

Eliel Cruz

Eliel vlogs and writes about his bisexuality, his Christianity, and the relationship between the two. Here he offers some very wise insider tips on dating bisexual people. Number one? "Get your shit together."