Did Taylor Swift Tease 'Shake It Off' Back In 2013 With This T-Shirt?

Taylor Swift is the queen of many things—baking cookies, hanging out with famous people, etc.—but one area she really excels in is hyping her new music. Today she teased ~something~ on Instagram, and in August she started releasing clues about, it turns out, her new album, 1989. The thing is, though, Tay may have been very, very subtly teasing her current hit single "Shake It Off" since last year. Like, May of 2013. Yeah.

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Taylor Swift

Well, because it's #TBT (and this is too good to sit on, TBH), please direct your attention to the shirt Taylor wore to perform at the 2013 Billboard Awards. Yes, that unicorn has thoughts and, yes, its thoughts are "Haters Gonna Hate." Yes, those are the lyrics to the chorus of her most recent single. Yes, that single did come out in August 2014. Yes, this performance was in May of 2013!

What does it all mean!? Was she letting us in on a secret? Did the shirt inspire the lyrics? Or did writing the song inspire her purchase of the shirt? I just don't even know—she's that good at surprising her fans this could've easily been an elaborate, year-long plan to subliminally promote the new album. While we may never know whether she was intentionally in on a long-term tease, one thing's for sure: You won't be able to stop singing "haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate" all night.