Chris Rock Talks Top 10 Hip-Hop Groups, Eyes Hairdresser Documentary?

Comedian/actor recalls Run-DMC, N.W.A concerts; says he might follow 'Wife' with hair-competition flick.

It's been a couple of weeks, but everyone is still responding to MTV News' recent "Greatest Hip-Hop Groups of All-Time" piece. One of the funniest men in America, Chris Rock, says he's torn between #1 and #2.

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"The first concert I ever went to was Run-DMC," he said recently at a New York press event for his new film "I Think I Love My Wife." "My Run-DMC concert was probably my most 'Ooh, I'm gonna be in show business' moment of my life. Run-DMC at the Nassau Coliseum [in Uniondale, New York]. I was sitting over the crowd, I had kinda a bad seat, but it was a good seat because I didn't get robbed. Run and DMC were incredible. But when I saw N.W.A, probably my life was never the same. It made me realize I could say absolutely anything I wanted to say. N.W.A in San Diego. They were the opening act for LL Cool J and they absolutely blew him off the stage. I love rap music."

Chris isn't so sure how much he loves his wife in "I Think I Love My Wife," which opens Friday (March 16). He plays a married man who may or may not be led astray by the very sexy Kerry Washington.

"I think I'm funniest as a real guy," the 42-year-old said. "That's the discovery I made through this movie -- I like playing a grown-up. I think most guys play guys who won't grow up. This is a grown-up movie. It's a movie about a guy who might f--- somebody else. Not roses and ... he's thinking about f---ing around.

"It's like my standup," he added later. "Some jokes you love, some jokes you're like, 'F--- him.' I wanted that type of movie experience. I wanted people arguing. There's things in there that didn't test well that I kept in because I thought it was a better movie. It's jokes and departures from reality, but the movie is based in reality."

Rock says he's thinking about going out and doing a stretch of standup concerts, but he's also interested in a project that nobody would associate him with.

"I'm working out, so I may go on tour. I'm doing research. Here's what I'm probably gonna do if I can raise the money: I want to do a documentary on the Bronner Bros. Hair Show in Atlanta," he said of the long-running hair competition. "That's what I been thinking about. It's bigger than the Super Bowl and it's nothing but hairdressers. I'm not making fun of anybody. It's very entrepreneurial; there's something real interesting about these people. There'll be some humor in it, but I won't be making fun of anybody."

The creator of "Everybody Hates Chris" is also linked to the upcoming animated films "Madagascar 2" and "Bee Movie" with Jerry Seinfeld. Meanwhile, there are also talks of Rock playing opposite Eddie Murphy in a yet-untitled heist film.

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