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Lady Gaga Gives A Lesson On 'Chemistry' With R. Kelly In 'Do What U Want' Video

The Mother Monster opens up to MTV News about working with the R&B star on her new video off 'ARTPOP'.

Lady Gaga is really making her [article id="1715876"]"Do What U Want"[/article] release a collaborative process. Not only did she enlist R. Kelly to add some vocals to the song, but she recently also got friend and [article id="1697449"]"Cake" director Terry Richardson[/article] to helm its upcoming video.

Since the video is likely to be somewhat epic given the team involved, we hoped she could offer some inside details about her latest [article id="1717207"]ARTPOP[/article] visual. "Yes! I shot it last week with [photographer] Terry Richardson, and R. Kelly's in the video," she told MTV News on the red carpet of her [article id="1717180"]ARTRAVE[/article]. "We had a great time. It was amazing. He's wonderful to work with."

So, how great of a time did Gaga and Kells have? "Me and R. Kelly in the video? We have really great chemistry," she teased. A release date for the video has yet to be confirmed.

"Do What U Want" is the second single off ARTPOP and is the follow-up to this summer's "Applause." On Monday (November 11), the day ARTPOP hit retailers, MTV News sat down with the track's producer, DJ White Shadow, who broke down how the Kelly/Gaga duet happened in the first place.

"When she started singing the song, we were on a bus in Europe and I was like, instantly, 'This is my favorite song. It's never going to stop that this is my favorite song on the whole record.' We had gone over the idea [of a collaboration] ... and I was like 'You know what would be awesome? R. Kelly.' And she was like 'Sure, let's do it.' "

He added, "It sounds awesome. He's just such a talented singer and writer and an amazing dude. And I knew they would get along. She sings amazingly and he sings amazingly."

And while White Shadow has yet to see the video, its director assured him it's pretty great. "[Terry] was reiterating last night about how awesome he thought it was," he teased. "I think he's been wanting to do videos for so long and I mean, like, 'Wrecking Ball' was such a huge success. I mean, it's Terry Richardson."