American Girl's New Diabetes Kit Is Making Real Girls' Dreams Come True

And it's all thanks to one girl's petition.

When she was 11 years-old, Anja Busse was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Like many girls her age, Busse loved American Girl dolls. And like many girls, Busse wanted her dolls to mirror her real-life, awesome self.

"I have two American Girl dolls, but there's no diabetic supplies so they look just like me," Busse, now 13, said in a powerful video from January 2014. "It's very weird for me because I want my dolls to be just like me."

So, Busse started a petition asking American Girl to sell an insulin pump and diabetic accessories. Two years and over 4,000 signatures later, American Girl finally listened up. As of Jan. 1, the Diabetes Care Kit for Dolls is available for purchase in stores and online for $24.

Busse and her mom, Ingrid, delivered the happy news on their Facebook page, Diabetic American Girl, in late December:

"I know if they do this, it'll make thousands of diabetic girls happy," Busse said in her initial 2014 video. She was 100% right. The proof is in the comments:

There's an entire Facebook album, titled "Dolls With Diabetes," demonstrating how much girls appreciate the new addition to American Girl's catalog. Hats off to Busse and her supporters for making this much-needed doll accessory a reality!

H/T Huffington Post

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