Oh My God: This Video Shows What It's Like To Be Cara Delevingne

The British model gives us a firsthand look at the paparazzi's flashbulbs.

Have you ever gotten back to your house super-late at night after a long, hard, eyeball-crustifying day at school or work only to be confronted by a horde of photo-hungry paparazzi? No? Well, that's exactly what awaited British supermodel and professional eyebrow-haver Cara Delevingne when she returned home early Tuesday morning (July 8), and she filmed the entire encounter and posted the video on Instagram.

"Watch out, someone's gonna fall over," Cara can be heard saying in the clip. Venting on Twitter, she added: "I got home last night after a 14 hour day at work to see around 12 paps waiting for me. I just wanted to see my bunny and go to bed."

She later tweeted, "I need an underground batman tunnel!" Wait, does that mean that her bunny would be Robin? Please let that mean that her bunny would be Robin.

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